Brand's history..

Izabela Makosz is the founder and the owner of the company Time for Wax
with as many as 10 waxing salons. In her private life she is happily married
woman and the mother of Natan and Mikołaj.

She started her career in a corporation where she gained experience
in the area of sales and trade marketing. It proved invaluable when she
decided to bring to life her business plans relating to the creation
of the unique on the Polish market, specialised waxing salon.

This way Time for Wax came into being

– a network of salons which is not a branch of a foreign company but a manifestation of Polish entrepreneurship. The introduction of an idea of waxing without prior appointment, own brand cosmetics and proprietary wax type are only some of ideas of Izabela Makosz which contributed to the success of her company.

Izabela Makosz created a Polish brand

which has received numerous proofs of recognition both from business circles and from customers.

She was a finalist of the Bizneswomen 2009 competition “Success Written in Lipstick” and in September 2012 she received the Certificate of the Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador.

The winner of this award stresses that a spot-on idea, determination in reaching successive goals and a passion lead to success and self-fulfilment in business.