Pain, irritation, burning...

Waxing doesn’t have to look like this!
Forget the pain and enjoy the unique smoothness of your skin that lasts really long!

Magic Wax is a revolution on the Polish market:

  • It is more elastic and effective than other strip free wax types; this is why it removes even 5 mm long hair.
  • It doesn’t stick to skin, but to hair – we feel less pain during hair removal!
  • It has low melting temperature – the application is very pleasant, we get the impression of warm massage.
  • It is safe – Magic Wax may be applied even several times to a depilated skin without the risk of irritation!

How much less pain do you feel during Magic Wax depilation compared with an ordinary wax?


Will you decide to use Magic Wax depilation once again?


Will you recommend Magic Wax depilation to your acquaintances?


Time for Wax – waxing really does not have to be painful!

During hair removal in Time for Wax salon instead of pain you will feel a pleasant, warm massage. A beautiful smelling, delicate wax will be applied to your skin. Instead of irritation – your skin will experience comfort and will become smooth.

See for yourself that depilation with our wax has no equals!

This unique in Poland wax was created as a result of four-year long search for the best natural components. The effect? Our Magic Wax is gentle for your skin, but ruthless for hair!