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Armpits epilation

Waxing is not only our job, but also a real passion. Our salons combine all the desired features, such as: professionalism, knowledge, skills, qualified personnel and top-shelf products. See for yourself – we invite you to wax hair removal treatment.

14 Years In The Industry!

We have been performing professional waxing treatments for over 14 years. We have extensive experience, knowledge and skills that are appreciated by our clients.

Innovative Armpit Removal Solutions

We offer a wax epilation treatment, which is performed using our original product – Magic Wax, a painless wax!

Highest Hygiene Standards

During the epilation procedure, we use up to several dozen disposable spatulas. We do it for your comfort and safety!

Wax epilation of armpits

One of the most frequently depilated areas for both men and women are the armpits. This is due to two reasons, first of course, aesthetics. A smooth, depilated armpit makes a much better impression and increases comfort. Looks, however, are not the sole motivation behind armpit hair removal – it also significantly improves hygiene. You will appreciate it especially during summer. High temperatures can cause excessive sweating, and that is when smooth, epilated armpits make all the difference. As you are probably aware, there are many methods of dealing with unwanted hair. The most common, but very short-lived method is the use of disposable razors. Shaving allows you to quickly and quite precisely get rid of hair, but the downside is that it only trims hair, rather than removing the roots. This requires you to repeat the mundane procedure every day, which is very inconvenient and time-consuming. Another method of dealing with hair is laser epilation. It is a very effective method that will allow you to get rid of your hair for many years. However, the cost of laser epilation of the whole body is significant, and you have to remember that one laser treatment is not enough and you have to perform it several times. The cost of removing body hair using this method adds up to tens of thousands zlotys! There are also other methods of hair removal, but the most effective, quick, fairly long-lasting and affordable for everyone is waxing. Wax allows you to quickly get rid of unwanted hair for up to several weeks and additionally, the price of one treatment is very compelling. At Time for Wax, we offer professional full-body hair removal or targeted treatments, such as underarm waxing, bikini, you name it.

Time for Wax, when work turns into passion…

Time for Wax was founded by a woman – Izabela Makosz – and no one understands the problem of depilation and hair removal as well as a woman. The idea of creating a chain of salons that specialize in waxing turned into a great success. Currently, Time for Wax comprises 20 salons all over Poland, serving thousands of clients each month. In our company, we employ professional staff with customer-oriented approach and outgoing personalities, ensuring our clients feel taken care of and compelled to return. The launch of our proprietary wax – Magic Wax turned out to be an overwhelming success. It is a unique product, created for all customers who would like to try waxing, but are simply afraid. What is the phenomenon of this product? Magic Wax does not stick directly to the skin during application – it covers only hair. Thanks to this, during removal, the pain is much less noticeable, and very often it is not felt at all. The success of Magic Wax also comes from its 100% natural ingredients. We use beeswax as a base, taking advantage of the fact it is safe and pleasant for the skin. The use of this product makes the irritation after epilation practically non-existent, the skin is radiant, silky and perfectly smooth on the first day. Clients choose it as the ultimate last minute epilation when getting ready for an important meeting, date or party.

What distinguishes Time for Wax on the market?

First of all, we are there for our clients. As cliché as it may sound, our task is not only to provide our clients with perfectly smooth skin, but also to make them feel special in our salons – they can relax and not be stressed by the epilation process itself. Our services are of the highest quality, we are always professional, striving for excellence, we manage to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Time for Wax is, above all, people – they create this place. Our beauticians participate in many different trainings and workshops to constantly improve their knowledge and skills, and provide you, our clients, with the best possible service. The entire visit is conducted in a pleasant atmosphere and the effects of epilation are satisfactory. We attach great importance to hygiene, which is an absolute priority for us. When applying the wax, we use disposable spatulas and each time we pick up the product again, we use a new stick. Thanks to this solution, all procedures performed by us are completely safe and sterile.

Waxing armpits with wax – why is it worth it?

Regardless of the season, it is worth taking care of your skin – including the proper care of your armpits. Epilation is extremely important in this area as hair makes us sweat more intensely, which leads to bacteria growth and causes an unpleasant smell. At Time for Wax, you will perform professional waxing of the armpits, which will not only be painless – thanks to the innovative Magic Wax product, but also ensure perfect smoothing of your skin for many weeks. We operate throughout Poland, in 20 salons located in the 8 largest Polish cities. If you want to be up to date with all the promotions and discounts we offer, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter (you can do it on our website) and follow our profiles on Facebook and Instagram! We cordially invite you to use our services – professional waxing of the whole body!
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