The first polish studio specialized in hair removal…
Time for Wax was designed and set up for people, who take care
of themselves and who like comfort, but whose time is limited.
In our studio, you do not have to make an appointment.
You can always come and benefit from our services.
We are specialized in waxing, which gives clients the guarantee
and comfort that all treatments are performed by experienced people.



We have already provided
more than two hundred thousand
people with waxing treatments.
That’s the same as the population of
an entire medium-sized, Polish city.

Our expertise lies in the speed
and quality of our treatments.

Don’t mess around!
We’re waiting to welcome you!


A Brazilian wax takes 15 minutes
Leg wax: 15 minutes
Under-arm wax: 5 minutes

Drop in on us for a waxing treatment
– in your lunch break
– heading off after work
– while you’re out shopping

Find your nearest salon.
We’re waiting to welcome you!


Whenever you drop in during
our opening hours, we will be
ready to tend to you.

On average, the waiting time
is around 15 minutes.

No need to waste time planning
and making an appointment
at a beauty salon.

Just come on in!

We can apply wax on big surfaces and all parts of the human body.

One should not wax the skin affected by dilated capillaries or varicose veins.

Wax warmed to 37-38 C is applied with a spatula on the chosen part of the body and quickly pulled off using strips. Waxing is not painful – pulling off can be unpleasant, but it is hard to say how much it hurts. Some people feel that this treatment is very painful, others think it is not so disagreeable.

  • After waxing, the skin can be irritated.
  • On the second or third day when the skin is already relaxed, skin damages disappear and waxed parts of the body become smooth and soft.
  • The effect lasts for about 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast hair grows on one’s skin.

When one decides to perform waxing it is essential that hair has optimal length. The best length is 1-1,5 cm. Hair which is too short makes the waxing more disagreeable. It is very important to take care of personal hygiene before the treatment. Depilation is a very intimate treatment, therefore hygiene practices before waxing are essential. When one plans waxing hair removal – on the day before the treatment it is best to make the peeling of the body. On the day when you will be waxed do not put on the body neither cream nor lotion.