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At Time for Wax we don’t do appointments! You just need to choose a salon and check its opening hours. Here you’ll find all the details about our salons’ opening hours. The average waiting time is 15 minutes! Please bear in mind that waiting times might be shorter or longer depending on the time of day and on the season.


The shortest waiting time is usually during morning and antemeridian hours. Afternoon and evening hours are considered the most popular and hence the waiting period may increase.

Before wax depilation, one needs to ensure proper hair length – it should amount to 0,5 – 1 cm. If hair is too short, wait until it reaches sufficient length. If it is too long, cut it by yourself to the appropriate length using scissors at home. Before wax depilation, do not use on the depilated part of the body cold creams, balsams or oils. If you decide on bikini depilation, immediately before the treatment use a bidet and ensure hygiene of intimate parts.


For the most satisfying results of wax depilation, hair should be 0,5-1 cm long. If hair is too short, its precise removal will be impossible, if, however, it is too long, you may feel an unpleasant tear during treatment.


  • Before wax depilation, do not use on the depilated part of the body cold creams, balsams or oils.
  • Do not sunbathe and use sauna or solarium before and immediately after depilation

  • Do not swim in chlorinated or salty water until the irritations after wax depilation disappear
  • Do not plan on going to a sauna until the reddening disappears
  • Do not exercise immediately after depilation
  • Do not use a shaver between depilation treatments

The effect of depilation maintains about 3-4 weeks on average and depends on the individual hair growth rate. The persistence of the effect may vary in different parts of the body.

8Immediately after treatment, the skin may be irritated and reddened – it’s completely natural. However, on the second or third day, when it relaxes, the skin is nice and soft in touch. If the irritations maintain longer, contact us by writing to

Magic Wax is an authorial wax of Time for Wax, produced solely from natural components. It sticks only to hair (and not to the skin) and that is why it enables to minimise discomfort during treatment or irritations after depilation. It is especially recommended for bikini depilation and other smaller parts of the body and when:

  • you have delicate skin and tendency to irritation
  • you are sensitive to pain
  • it is your first depilation
  • you want your skin to reach its normal state as fast as possible


The standard wax strip used in Time for Wax is the most delicate wax strip available on the market. It is very efficient and is recommended for depilating large parts of the body. Wax strip depilation is very short.


In Time for Wax the complete bikini depilation, also often referred to as full or deep depilation, is known as Brasilian depilation. It consists in removing hair from the pubis, labia, buttocks and the area of the anus. Bikini classic is the most shallow of bikini variations: it includes groin depilation to the underwear level. Bikini French is an intermediate variation between Brasilian and classic bikini: it consists in depilating groins and part of the pubis, leaving a strip of hair along its entire length. Bikini French and bikini classic do not include rear body parts.

In Time for Wax the complete bikini depilation, which includes front and rear (also referred to as full or deep) is known as Brasilian depilation. In cosmetic salons this depilation is often called Hollywood depilation.


Before the treatment we ask you to use a bidet and refresh intimate parts. In the treatment room there will already be waiting for you disposable underwear in which you will remain during the entire course of the treatment. How does Brasilian depilation look like? The beautician applies the wax heated to a temperature of 37-38°C on different parts of the body, then she peels the wax back along with hair. For comfort of the performed treatment she may ask for your help in pulling the skin during depilation. She will also prompt you what position to take for the depilation to proceed safely and comfortably. After the treatment you may independently apply skin oil or balsam chosen by the beautician.


Applying the wax does not hurt – peeling it back may be unpleasant, however, it is difficult to assess to what extent. Some people feel the treatment as very painful, others believe it produces only little and short-term discomfort. For people who are sensitive to pain we recommend depilation using our authorial wax named Magic Wax created exactly for bikini depilation – thanks to its application pain and irritations will be reduced to minimum.

We perform the wax depilation treatment for future mothers only when their well-being and health condition enables to do so. During advanced pregnancy it is an individual matter. If a future mother depilates during the course of the whole pregnancy, tolerates the treatment well and the doctor does not have any contraindications, she may freely proceed with the treatment. The final decision is always up to the future mother.

Wax depilation during period is by all means possible. There are no contraindications in the medical or “technical” sense. In the case of bikini depilation one only needs to secure oneself with a tampon and pay special attention to the hygiene of intimate parts before and after treatment. However, we do not recommend depilation during menstruation to people who are sensitive to pain, since sensibility increases at this stage of period.


With regard to your little ones – please do not take children with you for depilation. In our salons we use hot wax, that is why we care about maintaining the highest safety standards. Find a moment only for yourselves, ask your partner, grandmother or friend to look after your child during that time. Thanks to that both mums and children will be safe.

If you have tendency to ingrowing hair, pay special attention to nursing the skin before and after depilation. It is especially important to use on a regular basis coarse-grained peeling (e.g. Time for Wax Professional coarse-grained sugar peeling) which efficiently peels the dead skin and makes it easier for hair to pierce through the skin. For local use we recommend the efficient “Pod włos” preparation which locally peels dead skin cells, counters inflammation and accelerates skin regeneration process. For people with tendency to ingrowing hair we recommend the Magic Wax depilation which helps to avoid this issue and reduce irritations.


Men sweat more intensely than women, that is why in their case ensuring hygiene after depilation is essential. In sweat there are bacteria which may cause inflammation of hair follicles, that is why we recommend using anti-bacterial soap on the depilated parts. Gentlemen should also remember to avoid going to a gym, swimming pool, sauna or solarium during the first days.


Inflammation of hair follicles may be caused by inappropriate hygiene after depilation through contact with the bacteria, that is why it is essential to avoid swimming pools, saunas, solariums and gyms during the first days. It is well enough to use anti-bacterial preparations at home (tonics, soap). Immediately after face depilation one ought not to apply powder and base to the skin, which often blocks pores (after depilation the skin is irritated, hair bulbs are newly depilated and there is increased risk of hair follicle inflammation). Any kind of cosmetics with aloe proves to be ideal in this case: they alleviate the skin, accelerate skin cell regeneration, that is why it is worth applying an aloe mask at home. During the first days, before applying balsam or butter, it is good to sterilise the skin with peroxide or to cleanse it with anti-bacterial soap.