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Men's epilation

It does not matter if epilation is a matter of aesthetics, hygiene, or you are hoping for a better time at the pool – at Time For Wax we are waxing specialists, which is why we are regularly visited by thousands of men.

Check men decide to use waxing.

Also, in selected Time for Wax salons, we perform male intimate hair removal! Intimate hair removal for men is, as in the case of women, a matter of hygiene and aesthetics. A depilated body leaves a feeling of freshness and comfort that would be difficult to achieve with the strong hair, characteristic for men.

We invite you to intimate epilation at Time for Wax salons:

  • Warszawa: CH Wola Park, CH Wileńska, Grójecka, Al. KEN 96, Galeria Północna, CH Janki, Prosta, Niepodległości, Rzeczypospolitej, Aleja Zjednoczenia, Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego, Kopernika, Słomińskiego,
  • Katowice (Galeria Katowicka)
  • Kraków Pawia 7
  • Łódź
  • Poznań
  • Wrocław
  • Trójmiasto (Galeria Bałtycka, Gdynia Świętojańska)
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Which men choose hair removal?

Managers and Businessmen

Men who know that a good haircut and well-kept stubble are in good taste at business meetings, and the 90’s “macho” hair sticking out from under the shirt are no longer desired. They sign up in advance and regularly choose to take care of armpits, neck, torso, nose and ears hair for hygiene and aesthetics – they usually choose the “Business Package”.


Athletes who want to get rid of their hair quickly, conveniently and comfortably.

For example, cyclists. If you go to the so-called “cycling set-up”, you will see athletic men in colorful outfits and with shaved legs. Why do cyclists epilate their legs? Because in the case of severe abrasions or a fall, wounds heal better on depilated legs. In addition, it is easier to maintain hygiene when your calves are not covered with mud, and it is cooler when driving.

Sportsmen - Amateurs and Professionals

Athletes (e.g. triathletes, swimmers, bodybuilders, or even football players) train the body, work on their physique and a depilated body looks better emphasizing muscle definition.

For many athletes, epilation is not only a matter of aesthetics, hygiene or a feeling of coolness, but sometimes half a second of advantage over a competitor in the water (swimmers), and certainly less unpleasant removal of wet foam after exercise (triathletes, windsurfers or kitesurfers).

Conscious Men

TFW is visited not only by men sent by their partners, but mostly referred by other men who care about aesthetics and hygiene. Well, a kind word from your wife or girlfriend is an added bonus.

Why is hair waxing better than razor shaving?

Waxing damages the hair roots, so the hair does not grow back or grows thinner and weaker.

Shaving with a razor blade strengthens the hair and makes it thick and strong.

Join thousand of satisfied customers and try the best epilation in Poland!


Frequently Asked Questions:

How to prepare for the first waxing? What do you need to know?

The hair must be between 0.5 and 1 cm in length for epilation to be successful. The hair reaches this length about 14 days after the last shave. Hair longer than 1 cm can be easily trimmed with scissors.

Before epilation, perform a peeling – thanks to this, you will exfoliate the epidermis, and the hair will rise and be easier to remove. On the day of epilation, do not use oils, oily lotions or creams on your skin as the wax will hardly stick to the hair. Do not use the sauna or sunbeds.

How quickly does hair grow back after waxing?

The effect of wax epilation lasts on average from 3 to 4 weeks and depends on the individual growth rate of hair. The durability of the effect may vary in different parts of the body.

How often should the waxing treatment be repeated?

The wax epilation treatment should be repeated every 3–4 weeks or, depending on the growth of the hair speed, more or less frequently.

How to take care of your skin after epilation?

Men sweat more intensively than women, so in their case it is especially important to care for hygiene after epilation. They find bacteria in sweat that can cause inflammation of the hair follicles, so we recommend using antibacterial soap on depilated parts. Gentlemen should also remember to avoid the gym, swimming pool, sauna and solarium for the first 3 days after epilation.

Are there any promotions for the first visit?

Yes! Sign up here, to collect a 30% discount on the first visit to our salon: the discount applies to the entire receipt for epilation.

Does waxing hurt?

Applying wax does not hurt. Tearing it off may be unpleasant for some people, but it’s hard to judge how much. It all depends on your individual pain threshold. Remember that at Time for Wax we specialize in waxing and we do it very efficiently and quickly (for example, a full leg epilation takes only 15 minutes).

How can I make waxing less painful?

Remember to moisturize your skin regularly – moisturized skin responds better to waxing and is more elastic, so that the epidermis does not break.

The day before epilation, we recommend peeling – the peeling exfoliates the epidermis and raises the hair, making it easier to remove the hair.

What does the epilation process look like?

Strip, liquid wax epilation

We apply the wax heated to a temperature of 37–38 ° C with a spatula on the depilated part of the body, then tear it off with a cotton strip. We tear it off with a quick movement and … ready. The wax contains talc, which is gentle on the skin, we epilate large parts of the body with it.

Epilation with original Magic Wax

We put wax on the body. The body heats up, the pores open, the hair sinks into the wax. The beautician removes the wax with her hair with a controlled, rapid movement. Epilation is gentle and less painful for the skin.

Do I have to take special care of my skin after epilation?

Follow our recommendations – check what you must not do after epilation and remember a few rules. Do you want to keep the effect of smooth skin for longer? Don’t shave your hair with a razor as you strengthen it. Use a hair growth retarding serum that you can buy at TFW

What to avoid after epilation

Up to 3 days after epilation:
  • do not swim in chlorinated or salt water until the irritation after waxing is gone;
  • do not plan to go to the sauna until the redness disappears;
  • do not sunbathe or use the solarium (neither immediately before nor after epilation);
  • do not exercise immediately after epilation.

What is Magic Wax?

This is our original, delicate wax that does not stick to the skin, but to the hair. This makes epilation less painful. Check the price list to see which parts of the body are waxed with Magic Wax.
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