Effectively inhibits hair regrowth and, thanks to a host of nourishing ingredients, provides comprehensive skin care.


Active, natural plant substances which inhibit hair follicle growth.
Effectively reduces the amount of hair and inhibits its growth. The hair becomes less visible and more delicate. Crocus oil – a hair-growth reducing agent, rich in vitamins A and E, crocus oil soothes irritation, has an anti-inflammatory action and is a natural UV filter.
Squalane – a light oil obtained from olives, squalana ensures the skin’s proper moisture balance and has healing properties. Vitamin F – has an anti-inflammatory action and stimulates the skin’s regeneration. Allantoin: accelerates epidermal renewal.


To attain a visible effect of reduced hair, use the serum at least twice a day,
morning and evening. Smooth a thin layer of the serum over cleansed
skin and massage delicately until it is completely absorbed. The soothing contents
mean that the serum can be used directly after waxing.


A preparation to prevent ingrown hair.

Exfoliates the skin and accelerates its regeneration.


The preparation should be used a minimum of several times a day
where the skin is reddened as a result of ingrowing hair.


How does the balm work?

The balm reduces nutrition of the cells located in the bottom of a hair capsule
and prevents the growth of hair follicles. The result is the reduction of hairs number.

Does the balm delay hair re-growth?

*The in vitro tests results show that telecapil reduces the hairs number by 60 %, reduces a hair thickness by 30%.

What are other advantages of the balm?

The balm soothes skin irritated by waxing and prevents hair in-growth.
Has positive effect on skin hydration and firmness.

Which parts of a body can balm be applied to?

Legs, hands, the bikini zone, face and armpits.

How can balm be applied?

The balm should be applied directly after waxing. Removal of hair
and hair roots gives active ingredients better access to follicles.
The balm should be applied at least twice a day until the hair re-grows.

The body butter smoothes the skin, leaving it more elastic and effectively protecting it from drying. Contains soothing ingredients and hair-growth inhibitor, making it ideal for use after waxing.


To attain a visible effect of moisturised and more elastic skin, use the body butter at least twice a day, morning and evening. Smooth a thin layer of the butter over cleansed skin and massage delicately until it is completely absorbed.

Active ingredients:

shea butter, natural macadamia and crocus oils, vitamins E, C and B5, telocapil, lipomoist 2013 and blackberry extract.


Sugar peeling peels, smoothes and hydrates skin. Sugar peeling removes dead skin cells and prevents hair in-growth. It has firming effect on skin and stimulates circulation of lymph. It is recommended to be used especially before waxing. The peeling contains corn oil, emolients and sugar as a peeling factor.

Corn oil provides nutrition, flexibility, soothing and stimulates skin microcirculation. Emolients ensure hydration, smoothing and flexibility of skin.


In order to have smooth, well hydrated skin the peeling should be applied
once a week. Combine a small amount of peeling with water during bath
and massage skin till sugar particles dissolve. Then rinse skin with water.
Coarse-grained peeling is recommended for lower body parts,
whereas fine-grained peeling is best for delicate parts of the body.