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[tp_vc_headline headline=”If you’re gonna visit Time for Wax for the first time, please read the principles below.” headline_size=”h1″ content_size=”airy_subheadline” alignment=”center”][/tp_vc_headline][tp_vc_headline headline=”Instructions for the Clients of Time for Wax.” alignment=”center” underline=”off”][/tp_vc_headline]
[tp_vc_headline headline=”GENERAL PRINCIPLES”]
  1. We give service to our Clients in accordance to the sequence they come – we do not enroll.
  2. We need data of our Client like name, surname, telephone number in order to make a registration in our system but we also need to have a written consent for depilation service (“I announce I am familiar with the Instructions for the Clients of Time for Wax introduced to me, circumstances when depilation cannot be done, ontraindications, principles giving information what to do before the depilation, during depilation, after epilation but also possible negative effects of wax depilation”).
  3. Client decides on her own whether agrees on proceeding personal data for marketing purposes or not (e.g. receiving informations about promoting actions or competitions organized by Time For Wax).
  4. If you want to have a discount for Time for Wax services you may collect points on your point-card; Client is obliged to read the regulations of point-card.
  5. Every Client is informed how much time she would wait for depilation, however it might differ depending on particular service shall be done.
  6. Before depilation, beautician has to be informed about any medical treatment or cosmetic surgeries (taking medicines, pills containing vitamin A or all derivative of vitamin A, acne creams or ointments, surgeries with acid, surgeries with peeling on face or body).
  7. At least two days before wax depilation you cannot go to solarium or sauna.
  8. When it comes to bikini depilation, you ought to take care of hygene of all parts of the body being prepared for depilation.
  9. One day before the visit in Time for Wax in purpose of depilation, make a peeling.
  10. Time for Wax may give service to Clients under the age of 18 years old only when have consent of their parents.
[tp_vc_headline headline=”WAX DEPILATION”]
  1. For the comfort of Client, our beautician may ask Client for assistance during depilation to tighten the skin.
  2. “Brasilian depilation” is more demanding than depilation of other parts of the body. If the skin is suntanned (e.g. after the visit in solarium), more sensitive (e.g. after the visit in sauna) or irritated for some reason, when it comes to ‘brasilian depilation’, scarf-skin might be broken or scalded.
  3. Depilated skin as well as hair ought to be healthy – in a good condition. Otherwise, scarf-skin might be broken or scalded during depilation. Such situation might not occur for the fault of beautician but the poor condition of skin or hair might cause a problem.
  4. Wax depilation might cause skin-vexation which ceases after a few days of proper skin care. Despite properly carried out, in some examples depending on individual health condition as well as skin sensitiveness, wax depilation might cause wounds, scars, spots, skin allergies and other skin disease.
  5. Hair should be 0,5-1 centimeters height. If longer, hair should be trimmed on your own up to the suitable length (e.g. at home, before visit in Time for Wax).
  6. You should not use any oily creams, balms or oils before wax depilation.
  1. Client disagreed to give the data necessary for the registration.
  2. Client is under the influence.
  3. The skin of Client is irritated after the visit in solarium as well as cosmetic or medical treatment.
  4. Appearance of the skin indicates symptoms of illness or wounds. (mycosis, psoriasis, AZS).
  5. oo high vexation of skin occurs.
  6. Client is not ready for depilation (hygienic standards or hair length are inappropriate).
[tp_vc_headline headline=”IN DEPILATION ROOM”]
  1. Only one Client in one depilation room.
  2. For safety purposes, children cannot enter the depilation room.
  3. Time for Wax do not take responsibility for the things left in other places than indicated by the beautician. Any clothes ought to be left in a place advised by a beautician (peg, hook, bag).
  4. 4. The seat is the best place to wait for a beautician but you may fell off the seat if you sit on the edge.
  5. Mobile phone should be turned off.
  6. Self-depilation is not allowed.
  7. After depilation of intimate places, Client applies olive or balm advised by beautician on her skin.
  8. It is advisable not to do peeling until three-four days after depilation.
  9. It is advisable not to go to solarium until four-five days after depilation.
  10. It is possible to use sauna, go to swimming pool two days after depilation.
  11. Avoid excessive exertion. If not, skin problems are possible.
  12. Avoid anti-perspirant deodorant sprays with an alcohol or parfume base for four days as far as armpit depilation. If not, skin irritations or discolorations are possible.